🏦Set up a crypto wallet and connect it to Layer 1 and Layer 2

In order to use Cronos zkEVM, you need to have a self-custodial crypto wallet connected to Cronos zkEVM's testnet network.

Create a crypto wallet

If you do not already have a self-custodial crypto wallet that uses Rabby or MetaMask, you will need to create one. Here are the links to their respective websites where you can download the app or browser extension:

  • Rabby (browser extension for desktop)

  • MetaMask (either the mobile app or the browser extension for desktop).

You can either create a new wallet (in this case, the seed phrase will be generated by the wallet), or import an existing wallet (using the seed phrase or private key of an existing wallet).

Connect your crypto wallet

In order to complete all the quests, you will need to connect your crypto wallet to:

  • Cronos zkEVM testnet network (Layer 2),

  • and also, Ethereum Sepolia testnet (Layer 1)

Follow these links on how to connect your crypto wallet to the Cronos zkEVM testnet network:

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