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Cronos zkEVM Testnet

Contract addresses on L1 (Ethereum Sepolia)

Base token contracts on Ethereum Sepolia (L1):

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Contract addresses on L2 (Cronos zkEVM)


zkTCRO is the custom base token of the Cronos zkEVM testnet, based on this repository.

  • The address of zkTCRO on Cronos zkEVM Testnet is: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000800a

  • Number of decimals: 18

There is a wrapped, ERC20 compatible version of zkTCRO at the following contract address (18 decimals too): https://explorer.zkevm.cronos.org/testnet/address/0x73Fd77Fb26192a3FE4f5EFb9EBa5BB5f6Cf96742#transactions

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