↔️Make transfers on Cronos zkEVM testnet

Use the simple temporary web interface

On a temporary basis during the first weeks of the Cronos zkEVM Tethys testnet, you can use the following links to send zkTCRO or any other ERC20 token on the zkEVM network:

Transfer zkTCRO:


Transfer another ERC20 token:


Use your wallet to transfer Testnet zkCRO (ZKTCRO)

In order to transfer ZKTCRO to another address, make sure that your crypto wallet is connected to Cronos zkEVM testnet.

Then, you can simply click" Send" together with the amount and recipient's address.

Here is an example with Rabby wallet:

Use the blockchain explorer to transfer any ERC20 token

This method is more suitable for developers.

If you have any ERC20 tokens in your wallet, you can usually use the Cronos zkEVM testnet explorer to transfer them to another address, if the smart contract has been verified in the explorer. Visit the token's page on the blockchain explorer look for the Contract tab and the "Write" sub tab, and use the Transfer method, paying attention to the number of decimals.

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