💵Get test tokens on Layer 1

Get ETH on Ethereum Sepolia testnet

On Ethereum Sepolia testnet, the testnet ETH token is called SepoliaETH.

In order to perform cross-chain transactions between Ethereum Sepolia testnet and Cronos zkEVM testnet, you will need a little bit of SepoliaETH.

Here is a list of third party websites where you can request SepoliaETH:

Get zkTCRO test tokens on Layer 1

Testnet zkCRO (ZKTCRO) is a testnet version of zkCRO, the protocol token used to pay for transaction fees on Cronos zkEVM.

You can get some zkTCRO on Ethereum Sepolia, which can be used to test the bridge from Ethereum Sepolia to Cronos zkEVM testnet.

To get zkTCRO, you need to call the request method of the following faucet contract. To avoid abuse, users need to send the same amount of SepoliaETH to the contract as the amount of zkTCRO requests. That amount is limited to 1 zkTCRO. To call the method, enter the amount in the text box, connect your Rabby or MetaMask wallet with the "Connect to Web3" Tab, fill in the amount the and click Write:

Looking for an easier way?

While the Cronos Testnet quests are underway, you can alternatively visit the page below which has an easier to user interface to request zkTCRO on Ethereum Sepolia:

When you see the transaction request in your wallet, you may see a significant number of warnings. This is because you are calling a testnet contract.

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